Christmas in Sorrento: Cinema Days and Christmas Lights take over the city

December is about to start and the atmosphere in Sorrento will dramatically change: magical Christmas lights will invade the city, turning everything into a winter fairytale. But that’s not the only thing happening downtown!

From the 28th of November to the 1st of December, Sorrento will host the annual edition of the Professional Cinema Days: four days dedicated to the beauty of cinema and the people who work behind the scenes of it all. 

sorrento cinema days


What happens in Sorrento during Cinema Days?

This special recurring event is organized by ANEC (the National Association of Cinema Exhibitors) and ANICA (National Association of Cinematographic and Audiovisual Industries) and it represents a crucial opportunity for companies and operators of the Italian cinematographic industry to connect and share news.

The four designated days are rich in action: new movie screenings, conventions full of trailers and previews, and interviews with directors, screenwriters, and, of course, actors. The cherry on top is the annual awards ceremony where “Golden Tickets” and “Golden Keys” are given to the highest-grossing movies, theaters, and artists who’ve gained the biggest results during the cinema season. 

Amongst celebrations, it’s also an occasion for trading. Companies get to present their newest products and technologies thought-out for cinema halls. For the most curious ones, the days are full of seminars and panels to open discussion among trade insiders. 

These events are held in Sorrento, especially in the Hilton Sorrento Palace’s Convention Center: which holds 3 auditoriums for cinema screenings, 15 halls for meetings and press conferences, and an exhibition space bigger than 3500 mq. 

The Hotel is only 800 mt away from the city center, Piazza Tasso, where the traditional “Cinema Tasso” hosts open screenings to the public, with suggestive views of the historic center. 

Everything is of course framed in a pre-festive atmosphere. Since lots of passionate people come from all over the Country to witness this manifestation, Sorrento has taken the chance to start its early Christmas preparations: the iconic Christmas Tree in Piazza Tasso is lit up for everyone to see!

We could say that these Cinema Days are truly the start of Christmas. 

If you’re interested in this kind of event, Sorrento is definitely the place to be. What’s better than movies and Christmas mixed together? And if the city is Sorrento … well magic is guaranteed.

As a travel agency located in Sorrento, we’re grateful to see how our city keeps gaining more and more local recognition. We can’t wait to see all the people gathering in our square to see the lights!

sorrento cinema days

Are you excited to see Sorrento in its winter coat?

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