Ravello: The Most Romantic Place in the Amalfi Coast

If there’s one place on Earth that could be described as a living postcard, it’s Ravello. Nestled in the heart of the Amalfi Coast, Ravello is a town that captures the essence of romance, beauty, and the magic of Southern Italy. In this enchanting guide, we’ll embark on a journey to discover the captivating allure of Ravello, explore its picturesque streets, and unveil the secrets of its timeless charm.

Ravello is more than just a town; it’s a symphony of beauty, history, and romance that serenades visitors with its timeless charm. Perched high on a hill above the Amalfi Coast, this jewel of Southern Italy is celebrated for its breathtaking views, lush gardens, and captivating atmosphere. It’s a place where time seems to stand still, and every step is a dance with history and beauty.

view of ravello village amalfi coast

Getting to Ravello

Before we dive into the enchanting world of Ravello, let’s first ensure you can easily reach this captivating destination. Ravello is located in the Campania region, not far from the bustling town of Sorrento. Here are the primary ways to reach this idyllic hilltop town:

By Car

If you crave the freedom to explore the Amalfi Coast at your own pace, renting a car is a wonderful option. From Sorrento, follow the signs to the Amalfi Coast, and you’ll eventually find your way to Ravello. While the journey is an adventure in itself, the narrow, winding roads require a confident driver.

By Bus

For a more relaxed approach, take a bus from Sorrento to Ravello. The journey takes about 1.5 hours, and you’ll be rewarded with spectacular vistas along the way.

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A Glimpse into Ravello’s History

Ravello’s history is full of ancient civilizations, noble families, and artistic influence. Its origins can be traced back to the 5th century when it was established as a shelter from barbarian invasions. The town flourished during the medieval era, and it became a renowned maritime republic in the 9th century. In this period, Ravello developed a distinct cultural identity, nurturing the arts and intellectual pursuits.

One of the most significant moments in Ravello’s history is the construction of its two most iconic villas, Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone. The nobility of Ravello invited artists, scholars, and musicians to their courts, fostering an environment that attracted creative minds from across Europe.

Throughout the centuries, Ravello experienced periods of prosperity and decline. It was ruled by various powers, including the Normans and the Angevins. The town’s history is also intertwined with the powerful Rufolo and Confalone families, whose influence shaped its development.

In the 19th century, Ravello underwent a revival, thanks to the arrival of figures like Francis Nevile Reid and Richard Wagner. Their passion for Ravello’s natural beauty and artistic heritage breathed new life into the town. Today, Ravello stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of art, culture, and romance that has defined it throughout its storied history.

history of ravello

The Charms of Ravello

Ravello is a place that whispers romance with every cobblestone street and resonates with history in every medieval archway. Here are some of the enchanting aspects that make Ravello a must-visit destination:

  1. Breathtaking Views

The panoramic views from Ravello are nothing short of breathtaking. As you stand atop the cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean, you’ll feel like you’ve entered a dream. The town offers some of the most spectacular vistas along the Amalfi Coast, and watching the sun dip below the horizon is a sight to remember.

  1. Picturesque Streets

Ravello’s narrow streets are a joy to explore. Lined with charming shops, inviting cafes, and family-owned restaurants, they offer a delightful glimpse into local life. As you stroll through the town, you’ll notice vibrant flowers spilling from balconies and hidden squares that beckon you to sit and savor the moment.

  1. Cultural Riches

This small town is rich in culture and history. From its beautiful churches to its well-preserved palazzos, Ravello is a treasure trove of architectural wonders. The Cathedral of Ravello, with its bronze doors and stunning interior, is a testament to the town’s artistic heritage.

  1. Musical Legacy

Ravello is renowned for its musical heritage. The annual Ravello Festival, held in the gardens of Villa Rufolo, celebrates classical and contemporary music. The magical setting and world-class performances create an unforgettable experience.

  1. A magical spot for cat lovers

If you adore cats, you’ll sure love Ravello! The town is filled with cute cats that liven up the atmosphere. They won’t bother your tour, they’ll just be there to accompany you through its mystical and charming streets.

Now that you’ve had a taste of Ravello’s charms, it’s time to delve into the secrets of its most iconic attractions—Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone.

cats in ravello

Unveiling Villa Rufolo

Villa Rufolo is one of Ravello’s crown jewels. This historic villa, perched on the edge of a cliff, offers a journey back in time. Here are some highlights of this enchanting location:

The Garden of the Soul

The garden of Villa Rufolo, known as the “Garden of the Soul,” is a multi-level masterpiece accessible via a tree-lined avenue. As you wander through this Victorian-inspired garden, you’ll encounter ancient walls adorned with cypress and lime trees. The Moorish cloister, hidden by the foliage, sets the stage for a romantic and historical experience.

A Tale of Three Phases

The history of Villa Rufolo’s garden unfolds in three distinct phases:

  • The Original Phase (13th Century): It all began in the 13th century when the villa was constructed. This marks the earliest incarnation of the garden, and its historical roots run deep.
  • The Medieval Phase: While few traces remain, this phase is reminiscent of the garden described by Boccaccio on the first day of the Decamerone. It may have extended all the way to the Mormorata, where the Rufolo family held additional land.
  • The Romantic Phase: In the 19th century, Scottish philanthropist and botanist Francis Nevile Reid arrived, bringing his expertise in botany and ancient art. His impact was profound, and he was appointed as the Honorary Superintendent by the Prefect of Naples. This marked the Renaissance of the gardens at Villa Rufolo and solidified the villa’s reputation.

Inspiration for Wagner

In May 1880, the legendary composer Richard Wagner visited Ravello and was captivated by Villa Rufolo. It was here that he imagined the enchanted garden of Klingsor for his opera “Parsifal.” The garden’s transformation, as Parsifal kills the wizard Klingsor, inspired Wagner’s creative genius. Wagner’s legacy is woven into the very fabric of Villa Rufolo.

A Botanical Wonderland

Nevile Reid’s love for exotic plants transformed the gardens over time. Visitors can now explore a botanical wonderland that offers a panoramic view of the Amalfi Coast. This viewpoint, framed by lush vegetation, makes for one of the most iconic photographs of Ravello.

With the beauty of Villa Rufolo unveiled, it’s time to turn our attention to another masterpiece: Villa Cimbrone.

Villa Rufolo Amalfi Coast

The Enchantment of Villa Cimbrone

Like Villa Rufolo, Villa Cimbrone adds another layer of wonder to the Ravello experience. Here’s why this villa is a must-visit:

A Rich History

Villa Cimbrone traces its roots back to the 11th century. However, the villa and its enchanting gardens, as they exist today, date from the early 20th century. Guests can step into a world where history meets modern beauty.

The Infinity Terrace

The highlight of Villa Cimbrone is undoubtedly the Infinity Terrace, or “Terrazza dell’Infinito.” This terrace, lined with marble busts, offers breathtaking views over the Amalfi Coast. As you stroll along the Avenue of Immensity, adorned with wisteria in spring, paths lead deeper into the gardens, revealing fountains, statues, and surprises at every turn.

A Touch of Luxury

For those seeking an extraordinary experience, Villa Cimbrone offers a 5-star hotel where guests can immerse themselves in this timeless setting. The villa is also a sought-after destination for luxury weddings and events, making it an unparalleled backdrop for special occasions.

Cloister and Crypt

Visitors to Villa Cimbrone can explore the cloister and crypt, located next to the entrance. These quiet spaces offer a glimpse into the villa’s rich history and add a layer of intrigue to your visit.

With the enchantment of Villa Cimbrone revealed, it’s time to explore the romance that lingers in the air throughout Ravello.

villa cimbrone ravello

The Romance of Ravello

Ravello is synonymous with romance, making it an ideal destination for couples, honeymooners, and anyone seeking a romantic escape. Here are some of the most romantic things to do in this captivating town:

  • Sunset at Villa Rufolo

Watching the sunset from Villa Rufolo is an experience beyond words. The changing colors of the sky, the gentle sea breeze, and the romantic atmosphere set the stage for unforgettable moments.

  • Stroll Through Piazza Centrale

Piazza Centrale is Ravello’s main square, a charming gathering place with the Duomo, cafes, shops, and restaurants. It’s a perfect spot for a leisurely stroll with your loved one.

  • Villa Cimbrone’s Infinity Terrace

Villa Cimbrone’s Infinity Terrace is more than a viewpoint; it’s a stage for romance. As you gaze at the breathtaking view with your partner, you’ll feel like the stars of your own love story.

  • Dine at a Romantic Restaurant

Ravello offers an array of romantic restaurants where you can savor the flavors of the Amalfi Coast. Candlelit dinners, sea views, and local cuisine create the perfect setting for a romantic evening.

ravello most romantic town in the amalfi coast

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